Story of a Moving House with Flyttebyrå

Although it is still simple and simple, I managed to own a house. Finally, become a contract ex, hehehe. I have lived and worked in Jakarta for almost eight years. Yes, apparently I have been in Jakarta for a long time. For the past 8 years I have retired and I was last contracted because I was a family. Now the big problem for me when moving is the transportation of goods.

Don’t get me wrong, I usually go, my room is only 3 x 2.5 meters, but it turns out there are many things. It took almost 3 days to move my rental motorbike. I contract in a tenement. Not a tenement that has no door. There are really complete rooms, then a small living room, bathroom and kitchen. With that rent, it must have been more goods than my previous boarding house.

For days before I moved to a new home, my mind was always confused about how to transport so many items with these types. I ask my friends. Many of them suggest using Flyttebyrå. At first I wanted to contact the truck owner directly, but I didn’t do it. The day before the day, I decided to use the service from flyttebyrå

I ordered morning at 11:00 a.m. This cool Flyttebyrå can be ordered long before the transfer is made. My advice is also, to raise it far before just in case and better prepare yourself well, right? Don’t forget to order energy for the elevator too. Unless you are strong, there is no need to order a lift-lifter. You can also order Flyttebyrå and it’s cheap. Oiya forgot you have to fill in the items to be transported. This will make it easier for the driver to carry equipment and prepare their lifting techniques.

After that message, I made everything. Unpacked packing. Don’t forget to leave the AC and friends. If you can’t, ask for help from your neighbors. Then the good with the neighbors must be helped when needed. It turned out that at 10:00 a.m. the rain was quite heavy. Oh my God, Luckily I told the driver to bring tarpaulin. Until 11.00 it hasn’t stopped yet. The driver hasn’t appeared yet, because it’s also useless to come, I won’t be able to drive items to Truck.

At 12.00, the rain began to subside and the driver called me to go to my house. While waiting for me to pray first. After a while waiting, the truck that I ordered arrived. I am enthusiastic. Finally, I also moved from a rent. I said the driver asked for the heavy one that was included. Be it Mattresses, Cabinets, Refrigerators, Kitchen Tables and everything else. Followed by a clothing box, my child entered the toy. Last motorcycle and bicycle. All fit and transported all. Now it’s good if you tell us the details of our items to the driver. After that I took the time to pray, hopefully in a new place, my family and I will receive blessings from God.

This is the saddest moment. Remembering my struggle to find this rental house. Rent a rental is as difficult as finding a house, it’s easy to get into trouble. Until one day I was desperate, then there was a friend and suddenly offered me a cool rental. I saw that day and I was sure this was the rented house I was looking for. I also met the owner of a rented house and began to move goods from my old boarding house. Finally, I brought my small family to the capital.

The truck journey starts. On the streets in Jakarta, if the afternoon gets stuck, the truck slowly but surely divides the road. After a long journey, I finally arrived at my new home. The lifter who took part in my truck also quickly disassembled and lowered the load in the truck and put it in my house. They are very professional. So don’t worry about the goods being transported.

When finished, I pay according to the price listed on Flyttebyrå. The truck left and I had to start a new life in this little house. God bless us. Amen.

By sambo