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How To Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

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Incorporating color into your interior design may be daunting, especially if you are prone to sticking with a more neutral palette. Since brighter colors can brighten up a space and bring some zen to your mind, here are some ways to add pops of color to your home.

Consider Painting Furniture

If you have walls that are neutral, or even if you don’t, you can add color by painting pieces of furniture. You don’t have to go all-in on color, but can incorporate bits of brightness with a colorful side table, bookcase or another piece of furniture. In the bathroom, you may want to keep your walls toned down, but could paint bathroom vanities Brookfield WI to add a fun accent color.

Have An Accent Wall

If you aren’t ready to commit to painting your entire living room that bold turquoise you’ve had your eye on, you could pick an area of the room that could be an accent wall. Sometimes, too much color can be overwhelming, but by adding an accent wall, you can pull in a color you love in moderation. You may even consider a vibrant, patterned wallpaper that can be used in one space, giving a backsplash or half wall a little more pizzazz. If you rent your home or are just wanting to try something out, there are removable wallpaper options in many patterns and textures that may help you add a centerpiece on a more temporary basis. Typically, you’ll want to find the perfect spot for your accent wall, such as behind your bed or another focal point of the room.

Bring In Some Colorful Decor

There are ways to add color to your home without committing to something permanent and one of the best ways to do that is to seek out interesting and bold decor pieces. Whether it be a piece of brightly colored abstract art or some eccentrically patterned throw pillows, the options are limitless when it comes to adding color through decorative items. When searching for new decorative accessories to liven up your space, you can seek out new items, DIY something bold and even look to thrift stores to find unique pieces that suit your personality.

Even if you love having white or grey walls, there are many options for adding some flair to your home through color. By using these tips, you can incorporate pops of color into your decor in ways that are simple and aesthetically pleasing.