Why Are Basement Wall and Floor Cracks Difficult to Repair?

Water leaks from cracks in the walls and floor of the basement can render the space unusable. The job of locating and adequately fixing these cracks is not for the inexperienced. It can prove a challenging project for many reasons.

What causes cracks?

You can have the perfect setup for foundation and basement wall cracks at the time of construction. If the concrete dries to fast, the walls will shrink and develop small, hairline fractures. The tiny cracks will increase in size over the years as water gains entrance. Freezing and thawing make the situation even worse. Uneven settling of the structure can cause cracks in the basement walls and floor, but it will be noticeable soon after the build. Movement of the soil can cause cracks to appear as well.

Variety of Basement Construction Material

No one product and procedure fix every type of crack. Not every repair technique works on the gambit of the basement wall and floor materials. You need a foundation expert with experience to know what will work best in every circumstance.

Sump Pump Failure and Water Seepage

Collected and pooled water on the basement floor does not necessarily mean there is a crack. Check the sump pump to make sure it is operating correctly. Water seepage through openings in the windows, vents, and wall cracks can cause water to run down and collect on the floor. You may have an undetected plumbing leak causing all the water. Remove the excess water and inspect the floor if there seem to be no apparent leaks and seepage issues.

Epoxy and Urethane Injection

The solution to every wall and floor crack is never the same. It will depend on the type of material, size of the crack, and amount of moisture is infiltrating the basement. Some cracks can be repaired and sealed from inside the basement, whereas a few require outside maintenance. Moisture barriers can be added to the outer foundation wall to help keep the basement dry.

Floor Cracks

Cracks in a basement floor can be almost impossible to seal for an extended period. High water tables can end up forcing the repair materials up and rendering the repair useless. Floors built with stones and bricks are also tricky due to the number of natural separations.

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