How to Create a Dream Kitchen In a Small Space

It seems impossible to try and create a fully-functional contemporary kitchen when space is limited, but there are a few tricks available that help. Many modern appliances are built to accommodate tighter living quarters. Below are some exciting ideas to get your project started.

Stow-Away Dining Table

Small eat-in kitchen areas are valuable floor space that opens up when the table is not needed. You can attach a small table to the wall that is hinged and can be folded up, or down to tuck away when not being used. You can move the chairs to another area of the home until the next mealtime arrives. It can all be done fast and provide an enormous amount of extra space.

Built-In Options

Traditional appliances like microwaves, convection ovens, and coffee makers can be changed out for built-in models. It is an uncomplicated way to free up more of the countertops for food preparation. Built-in mini-refrigerators are useful for super small kitchen areas.

Getting Rid of the Stove

A stove is one of the most significant floor space taking appliances you have. Purchase a two burner cooktop and install it on the counter surface. A wall mounted oven will complete your cooking appliance needs. Being able to delete a bulky stove allows for an incredible amount of extra storage space. Add a shelving unit, and you automatically end up with a nice pantry to store canned, boxed, and bagged foods.

Trim Refrigerator Designs

The refrigerators of today are nothing like a decade ago. You can get models with an incredible amount of inside storage capacity with a trim, fitted design. Space-saving construction utilizes fewer materials without compromising quality.

Stackables and Trim Laundry Appliance Sets

Most homes with a designated laundry space have them located near the kitchen. You can continue with your space-saving activities here by purchasing a stackable washer and dryer set or choosing the more trim-lined full-size versions. Use the extra space to organize bins for dirty clothes, Laundry supplies, or add a small folding table.

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By sambo