Home Improvement & Repair Loans

Repairs often mean simple replacement of worn or used components intended to be periodically renewed by a home-owner, such as burnt out light bulbs , worn out batteries , or overfilled vacuum cleaner bags. Habitat Philadelphia’s Home Repair Program builds on Habitat’s traditional homeownership model using affordable payment options, sweat equity, and volunteer labor to serve current low-income homeowners who are struggling to maintain their homes, make necessary critical repairs, or pay their utility bills.

Like the post from 1-2 months ago, Canon has figured out how to repair older elphs, so no refurbished SD1000 for me. Sure, others were luckier, but still – Canon provided a prepaid label (though no box), and repaired a 3 1/2 year old camera for free, though it did take a few weeks.

I guess the power up problem healed it’s self because they said they were going to drop the repair charge and fix the CCD problem for free. If you have a mobile home in need of repair, we suggest contacting ReBuilding Together , who services Washington County, or Unlimited Choices , who services Beaverton.

The LPA or Lender will work with you to verify your income and debts, review your credit reports, order an appraisal of your home or otherwise estimate its market value, verify that your taxes are paid or you have been in a repayment plan for at least one year, check that you have property insurance, and if appropriate flood insurance.

To qualify for services you must own, or be buying, the home in which you live. One includes a short repair evaluation form that you’ll need to include with the camera, along with a free UPS shipping label that you’ll print out and tape to the camera’s shipping box.

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