25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Highlighting designer Annie Brahler’s Dutch heritage, the kitchen in her Jacksonville, Illinois, house has a fireplaces adorned with 17th- and 18th-century Delft tiles and bluestone columns from Breda. You don’t always have to stick to white color schemes and plain floor tiles when designing your small kitchen. CHOOSE YOUR KITCHEN BENCHTOP Benchtops create a statement in your kitchen, and can really bring your kitchen design to life. While neutral and monochromatic colours for kitchen units are popular, adding contrasting colours and textures with accents such as a tiled or mirrored kitchen splashback will immediately lift the mood of your space.

The gray tiles in the kitchen above look beautiful across from the robin’s egg blue refrigerator. About the size of your palm, the brush is easy to fit in your smallest toiletry bag when you are on the go. Its design is really cute, not to mention the hot pink color it comes in.

She beefed up a vintage demilune chest by adding rear cabinets and a marble top to create the central island. Hidden appliances that meld into the kitchen’s overall design, keep a room’s flow natural and create a more seamless aesthetic. A combination of LED ceiling lights and under-bench neon lighting offers white light that is especially useful in kitchens.

Rather than using wall cabinets in a small kitchen design, you can use shelves. However, there is room for the three bar stools you have on your negotiables list, so you decide to make the trade, because wall space is a limiting factor in your kitchen. The owners of this 18th-century farmhouse added a vintage porcelain double farm sink and re-faced all of the cabinets to renovate the space.

Rich cherry cabinets and dark stone-look counters come to life next to a light, lively porcelain backsplash. What’s hot in the kitchen: ‘Our current favourite kitchen styling is Scandinavian inspired,’ say the design duo. Many of our appliances can be fitted with custom paneling, seamlessly integrating them into virtually any cabinet design theme.

By sambo