Home Improvment Information

Home Improvment Information

Why Your Next Home Heating Source Should Be the Excalibur P90 Gas Fireplace

Staying warm is a priority during a Maryland winter. The Excalibur P90 gas fireplace is a way to source heat for your home that cost less, offers amazing energy efficiency, and will keep you warm whenever the power goes out.

Lower Your Home Heating Costs

Heating your home with gas is much cheaper than using electrically operated heating sources. It can also heat more effectively than using a standard wood fireplace. he Excalibur P90 is designed for ultimate energy efficiency and improved performance. You will wonder why you never switched to high-quality gas heating before. A gas fireplace is much kinder to the environment and provides no added pollution to the air.

Retain Heating Abilities Through All Power Outages

One of the scariest things to consider is having temperatures dive down below freezing and suffering a complete power outage with electric heat. Major power outages can take days to fix. In the meantime, you and your family suffer from no heat. A gas hat source will continue to work and heat your home.

Variable Speed Blowers and Remote Control

You can easily control the distance the heat travels out from the gas fireplace by adjusting the blower fan speed. You can even do this from the comfort of a cozy chair by using the included remote control.

Direct Vent Technology

Advanced direct vent technology with the Excalibur P90 gas fireplace means you will provide the entire home with a faster warm-up and efficient air exchange. You will experience less cold spots than traditional log fireplaces offer. You can easily maintain a better thermal balance to the entire space.

Reduced Demands for Repairs

Gas heating sources require far less in repairs than electric heat. It is an added benefit since it is not always easy to find help for emergency gas fireplace repair Prince George’s County, MD in the middle of winter. The fireplace will last for years with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Living in a cooler climate means you have to consider all factors before making the final decision on sourcing heat for your home. Electric heat might seem convenient, but the Excalibur P90 gas fireplace is easy to operate and offers the added benefits of saving you money.