When Water Enters Your Basement or Crawlspace

Water can get into your basement or crawlspace if there is flooding in your area. Others times it can enter after very heavy rains or from snow melting. Your walls may have cracks or water can enter under the footer. The footer is what the foundation of your home is on, so this can cause problems. When water continues to build up, it causes pressure and over time this pressure can cause foundation problems.

Hydrostatic Pressure

If the soil around your home contains too much moisture, cracks can form that allows the water to enter your home. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. Over time, the water will begin to come into the home, usually at the bottom of walls. It can also enter through mortar joints. This is why companies such as A-Proseal provide dupage county crawl space repair.


When moisture builds up, this can cause condensation inside your home. It can result in structural damage as well as the build up of mold and mildew. When mold starts to grow in your basement, it can spread to other parts of the home rapidly. Mold can spread an inch a day. It can be in places that you don’t normally look, such as behind walls, baseboards, above drop ceilings, and anywhere else it is damp and dark.

Mold and mildew causes a number of health problems. Since it can affect so many different systems in the body, the symptoms can vary from headaches to muscle cramps, mood swings, and numbness. Often, people think they just have a bug or the flu when it is actually a reaction to mold.

Waterproofing Saves Energy

When water enters your basement or crawlspace, it can not only cause mold to grow, but it creates more humidity in the air. This causes your HVAC system to work harder to control the quality of the air and as a result, higher energy costs. Damp basements also affect the temperature of the rest of the home. They can be the cause of your home constantly feeling cold in the winter months.

Waterproofing can provide many benefits for homes. Perhaps the most important is protecting the foundation.

By sambo