What Do You Want in Your Custom Home?

The near limitless options for a custom home can be both exciting and incredibly daunting. Your careful choices in its overall design, types of rooms, and special areas personalizes your luxury home and becomes an extension of yourself. What you include in your custom home should be what is most important to you. Here are 6 suggestions to make your custom home perfectly fit your lifestyle and personality.

1.     Natural Lighting and Ventilation

With the proper design, you can have unlimited ventilation and sunlight enveloping your home throughout the day!

Besides enjoying nature, an experienced Melbourne home builder can help you make a well-lit and ventilated home designed to be green and energy-efficient. The reduced need for lighting in the day and solution for your heating and cooling needs can save you money from electricity consumption down the line.

2.   Cleaning/ Laundry Room

Cleaning and laundry equipment are tricky features of a house. Having a dedicated room for your cleaning supplies makes a good foundation for a clean and organized home. Chores can already be daunting. Since we cannot do away with chores, why not add some flair to your routine by making the cleaning and laundry room spacious and stylish? Design the room or rooms in a way that you would be happy to stay there long periods so that cleaning and laundry days become more enjoyable and less of a chore.

3.   A Spacious Personalized Kitchen

Whether you’re a professional or aspiring chef, you can fulfill your kitchen dreams in a custom home. A massive kitchen floor plan is a lovely goal, but carefully designed cabinetry and storage are equally important.

There so many opportunities for customization in the kitchen and it all depends on your food choices. Place a rotisserie or an indoor grill for perfectly flavored meat. A wok burner would be necessary for stir-fry lovers. Double ovens are necessary for big family gatherings.

Many families enjoy cooking and just being together in the kitchen. If your family is the same, why not consider placing a double island in the kitchen? Yes, it’s possible!


4.   Spa-Like Bathroom and Personal Dressing Room


Don’t limit yourself with a double sink! Create a luxe space by carefully picking the right textures and materials of the entire bathroom and the right sized stand-alone tub for your relaxation needs.

Connect your bathroom to a dressing room! A room dedicated to just getting dressed, personal grooming, and clothing. It’s often a quiet, very private, a restful place to be in before facing the challenges of the day.

5.    Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining

Make the most out of the city’s climate by adding an outdoor kitchen for barbeques and grilled food. A custom luxury home builder in Melbourne should be able to create a perfect outdoor oasis despite the finicky weather! Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or guests, an outdoor kitchen will be a wonderful way to enjoy nature or the city scene and entertain in your home.


6.   Hobby Room


Nothing says more about your personality than a hobby room – a space dedicated to the stuff you’re most interested in. It could be a library, a gaming den, fitness space, music chamber, or a craft room. Or it could be a mix of any or all of the above. Remember to customize the location of built-in shelves and desks depending on how you go about your particular hobby. For example. If you are a book lover, your reading nook can be on a customized pillow/cushion fort of comfort in the middle of the room or a mezzanine for the coziest of afternoon reads.




By sambo