Up And Coming Modern Fence Styles

Fences are a big part of any landscape, and they can make or break your curb appeal. Fences aren’t just there to mark boundaries and secure space but to frame your garden, highlight your landscape, or become a focal point. You can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build one for you. Let’s check out a few up-and-coming modern fence styles.

The Styles

1. Horizontal slats – Horizontal slats are a great design and may be made with all kinds of materials. However, the spacing between the slats, their finish, and the fence spots can be the difference between an ordinary fence, and one with style and character. If you stick to wood, you may build a fence with horizontal wood slats that have rustic and warm cedar tones. Keep small gaps between the slats to drive the design home. 

Highlight the rustic design with a contrasting modern chrome frame and house number. If you choose to build a fence with horizontal steel slats, you can go the minimal route to make a stunning statement. The gaps between slats can be wider here. To make a bold impact, paint the slats black with solid and blocky concrete posts painted white. This stellar combination is simple, yet refined.

If metal and concrete aren’t your cups of tea, you can choose to build a fence with brick walls and horizontal metal slats in between. This kind of fence is best if you already have a generic brick or concrete fence. Just tear down alternate sections of the wall and replace them with trendy horizontal metal slats. If the wall has an imposing color, use neutral hues on the slats to tone down the overall look.

2. Vertical fence posts – This kind of fence is quite different compared to regular fences since it doesn’t offer any barrier or physical security for your property. While it can keep kids and pets inside the boundaries, you can only build this style if security isn’t a concern in your neighborhood. The idea is quite simple. There are no fence walls.

The entire fence is made of timber posts. Get tough and chunky timber posts cut as rectangular blocks with the same dimension and put them inside the ground with a concrete base. Make sure that the gap between a pair of timbers isn’t wide enough to allow in people or large animals. Use a dark stain on the wood and you get an amazing structure that hides your front yard, keeps you connected to the outside, and still manages to keep outsiders out.

You can apply a similar philosophy to metal. However, instead of thick and chunky wood posts, you can go with tapered and angular steel structures. Get tar black steel pikes and plant them with decreasing height in a group of four. This doesn’t just add amazing curb appeal but also helps to keep costs low. This kind of fence would really stand out with its unique design.

3. Etched metal screen – You may have come across this unique design in many homes. However, they are usually reserved for the fence door or patio door that opens in the backyard. Such designs are usually used for doors because they are expensive. Etching metal is expensive. While simple designs can be pressed out by industrial metal cutters, more complicated designs need to be etched out by powerful lasers controlled by complicated computer programs.

 However, if you have the budget, you can build a fence out of etched metal doors. They are very unique, look gorgeous, and can be customized according to your needs. You can have anything from your pet to a tree structure etched out on a metal sheet. To bring down the cost of this build, you can build concrete blocks with etched metal screens in between them.

4. Modern wood privacy fence – This kind of fence is stylish, and striking and may become a popular trend in the near future. Instead of a regular privacy fence built from timber, this wooden fence is made from rectangular blocks of wood bolted to steel posts in an alternative way.

That means a layer of wooden blocks is bolted to one side of the steel posts with gaps between two fences and those gaps are covered by rectangular wooden blocks bolted to the other side of the fence. This kind of design doesn’t just look stunning, but also provides complete privacy while allowing air to freely pass through the fence.

5. Lattice fences – Lattice fences are unique since they are so different from regular fences and usually have some kind of plant growing on them. However, that doesn’t mean you need to grow plants on your lattice fence either. Instead, you can choose to make strong lattice walls in square shapes of different heights. Install those square lattice walls and paint them matte black for highlighting the landscape around them.

Since the fence is made from thicker food and not just for growing climbers, you can accessorize it any way you want. If you do grow plants on the lattice, choose plants like roses. While roses are difficult to grow on a lattice, they are worth all the effort when you get a year-round fragrant screen while you lay in the backyard.

6. Bamboo hedge – You can also choose to build a fence out of bamboo. However, instead of growing thick bamboo, choose a thinner variant with dense foliage. Bamboo is a perennial grass and can create a thick green wall along the border of your property. Moreover, it would be a much stronger fence compared to most other living fences, including hedge fences.           


You can choose one of the fence styles mentioned above, or draw inspiration from them and come up with your own style. After that, it’s all about sourcing the materials and tools and starting the build. Otherwise, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build one for you.

By sambo