Making Statements With The Floor

Instead of carpet in the home, laminate flooring is now a popular trend. It’s easier to keep clean, and it can add an elegant and sophisticated look throughout the home without spending a lot of money that you would for hardwood floors. When you’re looking at laminate flooring Lewisville stores offer, make sure that you have the measurements of the room with you and that you understand how to install the laminate on the floor before making a purchase. It’s sometimes best to get more flooring than you need instead of thinking that the same color will be there later if you don’t have enough.

When you look at the colors of laminate flooring, you’ll see that there are darker shades being used in homes, such as espresso or coffee. There are also extreme light colors that are being used in homes, such as gray and whitewashed. For many options, it’s one extreme or the other instead of blending two shades. Smooth appearances will always be popular, but one of the trends to look for with laminate flooring is texture. From laminate that looks like stone to flooring with a weathered or distressed look, you want to look at options that feature a textured appearance instead of something that is straightforward. Distressed looks appear to be on the rise in the future, especially with distressed clothing and other items for the home coming back into style.

Laminate flooring can be used to make a pattern in the room. This is one of the trends to pay attention to, such as diagonal patterns or those that feature a mixed width. The goal is to create a floor that catches the eye and that depicts the personality of the homeowner instead of just using laminate as a floor covering so that there is something in the home instead of carpet or tile.

By sambo