How to Transform your Kitchen without a total Remodel

If you’re looking at your kitchen and thinking that it could do with a little rejuvenation, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways of doing this without having to remodel entirely. Generally, a set of fresh new tiles with some updated accessories is enough to create an entirely different look in your home. However, there are a number of ways you can redesign your kitchen by making a few simple changes. So, lets take a look at the top ways you can achieve your new kitchen with as little redevelopment as possible.


The quickest and most effective way of creating a new look in your kitchen is with the use of splashback tiles. Often overlooked, splashbacks are actually a very design feature in any kitchen. In particular, using bold or patterned splashbacks can create a centre point of attention to the room, much the same as a feature wall. You don’t need a specific tile for a splashback, any kitchen wall tiles will do and this massively opens up your options in terms of designs and aesthetics. In particular, hexagon tiles are proving their popularity with homeowners thanks to their slightly industrial and contemporary finish.


If you’ve got a smaller kitchen then you would benefit most from some clever lighting. Whether it be natural or artificial lighting is a huge component of interior design and can sometimes be forgotten about in the design process. Many of us get swept up with colours and motifs without thinking about how they will effect the atmosphere of a room. Kitchens in particular benefit most from LED bulbs since, not only are they better at energy saving, they offer brighter lighting. The simple switch of a bulb could hugely help the room feel better illuminated. Another great way of adding depth to a room is to use strip lighting underneath wall mounted cabinets. This adds real ambience and you can pick up some battery powered strip lighting if you’re especially limited on budget.


Paint you Cabinets

With up-cycling becoming more of a trend as many of us feel the pinch, painting your cabinets is a cheap, sure-fire way of shaking up your kitchen. This is only really applicable if you have wood doors since these can be easily sanded down and repainted for a totally different look. If you have plastic or metal doors, you may need to look at just buying new doors entirely. This isn’t all that expensive and can dramatically improve the appearance of the room.

So, there you have it, a few simple tips and tricks you can achieve on your own that will hugely help to update one of the most functional rooms in your home.

By sambo