How To Repair A Large Hole In Drywall

Join us to get great money-saving tips, cool ideas, and valuable advice from home improvement expert Don Vandervort! You can see in the picture below that the hole saw has a pretty aggressive saw tooth pattern, complete with two sharper teeth for scoring the drywall. Call our Boise Drywall for an honest evaluation and explore your options for repair. On large construction projects that utilize knock-down drywall, there is typically an expert on the drywall crew that utilizes a large sprayer with a pot and an air compressor to make drywall repairs.

This tool is particularly useful for any drywall repair job in a finished area of your home. Next, you’ll cover the seams with drywall joint compound and press drywall tape into it. After several additional coats of joint compound, and a little sanding, the repair will be smooth.

As an extended service, we offer professional painting services to get your home or building looking top-notch after drywall repairs. Use a drywall or putty knife to cover the seams in the patch with joint compound. For soundproofing or fire resistance, two layers of drywall are sometimes laid at right angles to each other.

I have done a ton of holes like this, and all you need is a scrap of drywall, which can be bought from the box stores, you don’t have to buy a whole sheet, and the joint compound that you would need anyway for this kit. Apply drywall compound- Using a putty knife, remove the compound from the container and start applying it to the patch.

Once you have the amount of square footage of drywall you will need you can then contact a drywall contractor from to help you estimate the cost of the drywall. The trick to this repair is screwing wooden cleats, like these, inside the hole along the edges.

By sambo