Comfortable Chairs for Our Dining Room Table

When we renovated our home we bought new furniture too. We decided to keep the formal dining room. We have had meals in there pretty much every day since we bought the house. The kids are older now, so there is no more daily spills of liquid and cleanup of cereal that has found its way to the floor. So, we decided to get dining chairs that are really comfortable. I had no idea that chairs like this were even made to go with a dining room table.

We got dining chairs of a wing back design that have very comfortable cushioned upholstery. At first we kind of felt like we were at a royal dining room table. After a few meals, we just enjoyed the comfort of the chairs. Our extended family, friends and neighbors who come over for dinner on occasion really like the chairs too. We get a few comments here and there asking if we dine with the Queen or President, but then we get asked where we got the chairs.

I grew up with the solid wooden chairs at the table at home when I was a kid. We had great conversations, but the chairs were not comfortable. At our house today we gather at the table with visitors to play cards or board games or just to talk. We have a great time, and now no one’s backside gets sore sitting for an extended period of time at our dining room table. If you have little kids in high chairs, there is no worries about ruining the fabric as they won’t be using these fancy chairs for a few years yet anyway. I wish we would have gotten these a long time ago. It would have been so much more comfortable playing our marathon games of Monopoly that last for hours and hours.

By sambo