Choosing the Right Blinds to Complement Your Interior Design

Regardless of the interior design you choose for your home, you will be able to find blinds that perfectly complement your style. So there’s no excuse for the lack of design synergy throughout your house, as a well-picked blind can really add the final touches.

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Today’s modern interior is a plethora of clean lines and muted colour palettes, and by choosing venetian blinds and their geometric lines, you can enhance this. Or why not go for a roller blind in a contrasting, muted colour, which is easy to operate and extremely unobtrusive around the home? Either of these blinds is ideal for the smaller windows in your home, but a vertical blind may be preferable to go over your French or patio doors.

Texture and Warmth

Some may say that you are playing it safe if you go for a contrasting muted colour palette for your blinds, but there is no right or wrong when choosing blinds. It is simply down to your choice and what it is you like. For example, a nice Roman blind with a bright, busy pattern may really lift a quietly decorated room, giving it that all-important splash of colour. It can also provide you with a texture not currently in your room and instantly warm the room up.

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With barn, building and house renovations being all the range, you do have a blank page to start from, so the interior is completely down to you. If you want to go for an industrial or minimalist style, then venetian blinds in aluminium will really set off the space. Alternatively, have a think about blinds made from wood. These can help to bring the outside in on a window facing out to the garden.


There is an abundance of choice of stockists around the country, and Dublin windows and doors are also catered for by various blind suppliers such as No matter which blind you choose, you are going to want to know how to keep them clean so they last longer and continue to look great; take a look at

It’s always advisable to have a good look round before you make any decisions, but always remember that the devil is in the detail and you won’t go far wrong.

By sambo