Best Memory Foam Mattresses´╗┐

There are four main types of mattresses and one of the most popular is with memory foam. In the beginning, it didn’t work so well because people sink in it if the thickness isn’t right, but later when companies started to use new materials it became very popular. Not only mattresses are made out of this foam, but also pillows that have a lot of satisfied customers depending on the brand.

The market is very large, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Even if it seems like a simple product, there are a lot of details that you should look for. There are many options online like Nolah mattress, but the problem is that you have to try it to see how comfortable it is.

Benefits of Memory Foam

New memory foam that every company is using now with slight adjustments is great for supporting each body part and especially your spine. It changes when you lay on it so your spine won’t be bent and be an unnatural position. This is very important for night rest if you don’t want to wake up all tired.

Another great thing is that the motion doesn’t matter meaning that if you sleep with someone in the same bad you won’t bother them. The material absorbs motion. It works better versus dust mite than innerspring mattresses because it is much denser.

Idle Double Sided Mattress

There are five layers in the Idle Double Sided Mattress. The top layer which is the cover is made of Thermocool material that has a great feature which adapts to body’s temperature. You can adjust firmness and comfort at the second layer which is 1-inch foam. Manufacturers say that the third layer is 10 times more comfortable than traditional foam. It is called Gel Swirl Buoyancy Foam.

Because it is a hybrid mattress, the middle layer has 6-inch coils pocketed in order to have the best comfort. There are to main firmness levels and the one that people most likely choose has 5 to 6 points on firmness scale. If you struggle with the weight you should choose Luxury level that has 7.5 on the scale. When the person is heavier he will sink more in the mattress.

It is important to mention that there are no viscoelastic materials. (Read more about this here: The overall design focuses on staying cool when you sleep. The transfer of motion on it is at the minimum. A great feature is that you can use it on both sides even if it has many layers. This means you won’t spend much money because it will last longer than most of them. The thickness is 14 inches and the price goes around 1000$.


Besides the cover of Nectar, there are 5 layers that are reinforced mechanically so you can have great sleep experience. The fabric used for the cover is Tencel Cooling which is great as bedbug repellant and regulates cooling during your sleep. It is great for people that are traveling a lot.

The Quilted Gel Foam is the second layer which helps it contour to your body and helps air circulation. For some, the most important is relief from spinal pain and stress which is the Gel Memory Foam in the third layer. Extra bounce and cushioning are in the 4th layer made out of Hi-Core Memory Foam. The fifth layer provides ventilation and support. A great feature of this mattress is that it can fit in most of the bed frames.

eLuxury Supply

This company is growing fast because the mattresses are produced in India. The 10inch eLuxury mattress has the latest technology which has the main feature of cooling it for a fresh night sleep. A great thing is that they offer 120 nights trial period, so you have enough time to check if it fits you. Another great thing they do is donating 1 in every 45 to charity.

The main material is the gel foam that weighs around 3 pounds and is 3 inches thick. There is 7 inches of high-density traditional foam that helps you ease discomfort and relax your pressure points. You can easily remove it and wash it because the cover has a zipper. It is certified which most of the customers are looking for.

By sambo