Bathroom Remodel Ideas And Inspiration For Your Home

A neutral bathroom remodel will stand the test of time and boost resale potential—especially when you embrace bright ideas and attractive finishes that appeal to the masses. If you’re looking for a new shower, consider installing one of our Neo Angle showers, which are perfect for fitting into tight corners or a Barrier Free shower, which blends seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom. Making the commitment to a bathroom renovation can be a little intimidating, but Tom’s Best will walk you through the entire process before work ever begins to make sure you are informed and excited about the end results.

We have the expertise to make your next bathroom remodel a pleasant and rewarding experience. In fact, your small bathroom may be the ideal place to experiment with a new style of tile or bathroom technology. No tub means that families will likely be much less likely to consider buying your home.

If cost is your concern, Land-Tec can work with any kind of budget to design and build the bathroom of your dreams Over the many years in business, they have seen how bathroom remodeling ideas can come from just about any resource. Give your bathroom a signature look when you mix modern aesthetics with antique features.

The average cost of labor varies by where you live and your materials selections have a big impact on the final bill, but these numbers are a good starting place to understand if a full bathroom renovation is a realistic goal. Regardless of your current plumbing configuration the easiest way to save on remodel costs is to maintain the same plumbing layout and work within those boundaries.

Bathroom remodels can be costly if you do not lay out your project and budget ahead of time. Beyond materials, the biggest growing trend in 2016 bathrooms will be the use of heated floors. By replacing an old sink, showerhead, lights, and faucet, you can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom.

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