September, 2015

Athletic Greens – Little Overview

Since many people have asked for Athletic Greens reviews then I decided to write one. It will be very short so I hope you will enjoy it. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment.

Athletic Greens was created to cover the nutritional requirements of athletes and very active people. The product, in powder form,is a total supplement, eliminating the need for added pills or capsules.

Since many of the 75 ingredients included come from whole foods, absorption is enhanced. This results in greater energy levels.
Raw greens are included to assure alkalinity in the body. Good alkalinity levels, although important for everyone, are especially important for good performance in an athlete.
Athletic Greens contains large quantities of digestive enzymes. This results in improved digestion and function of the intestinal tract. Intestinal health is extremely important in the overall health of the body.

This supplement is loaded with antioxidants. A large supply of antioxidants is critical for an athlete. They counteract the excessive number of free radicals produced by heavy exercise.
Having a total supplement, in powder form, is very convenient. It is good to have a nutrient dense product that eliminates the need for anything more in order to feel nutritionally covered.